On 27th April 2015 a second earthquake of 6.5 magnitude stroke at 17 km south of Kodari on the Nepali Tibet border.
Massive landslides definitely destroyed the already damage Araniko Highway which is connecting Kathmandu to the Sino Nepal border.
A week after the natural disaster 1500 people where still isolated in the small village of Kodari where they are survived by sleeping in an improvised shelters.
Chilly temperature at night and uncertain future on when it was possible to live the dangerous area  had heavy toll to the local population.
At the beginning few helicopters from the Nepal army transferred   from 12 to 40 people a day to a saver places, the small number of passenger por trip created caos and hunger between the people that waited every day for a lift.
The most adventurous people decided to walk down to the valley for the 12 km stretch that connect Kodari to Barabise where it was possible to travel by bus to the capital.