Transgender people maintain a nebulous position in conservative Pakistan.
While they are tolerated as part of society, they still carry a social stigma in daily occurrences.  Historically, transgender, often referred to as Hijras, have been a visible part of Pakistani society, dating back to the Mughal Empire where they served queens on the royal courts.
Alas, the nuances are thick, and despite public acceptance mirrored by frequent distaste depending on the circumstance, the Supreme Court passed a landmark legislation that allows for third gender registry.
The collection is the product of Floramo’s visit with the group of women in Lahore in 2014/15, has great importance for the Western viewer, not only will one be surprised by the colourful, artistic life the women lead in the old-fashioned Pakistan, but we will also get a better understanding of the battles they fight every day. The pictures aim highlight the abuse the community suffers.
Few employment opportunities are available to Hijras. Many get their income from extortion (forced payment by disrupting work/life using demonstrations and interference), performing at ceremonies, begging, or sex work -an occupation of eunuchs also recorded in pre-modern times.